State Tournament - March 14th 2015


March 14th, 2015

18821 Crown Ridge Blvd, Arlington, WA 98223

Reader/Judges and Timers/Scorers needed. Complete this form and give us your contact information.

2015 Slots to State by ESD

ESD     4A       3A       2A       1A       2B       1B

101     2          2          2          3          3          5

105     2          0          2          2          1          0

112     3          2          2          3          2          0

113     0          1          2          3 *        6**       3

114     1          0          2          2          0          2

121     5          8          2          1          1

123     1          2          1          1 *        1          2

171     2          0          1          3          3**        0

189     2          3          4          0          1          0


Totals 18       18       18       18       18       12

*updated on 1/12/15
**updated on 1/23/15


  1. phill dron's Gravatar phill dron
    October 29, 2014    

    I see that there has been a change in the date of state knowledge bowl. It has always been held on the 3rd weekend of March that I am aware of in my 24 years of coaching knowledge bowl. By making this change we are now competing with the state debate competition date and I imagine many of our students do both events and will now have to choose.

  2. admin's Gravatar admin
    October 29, 2014    


    The state tournament has typically been held during the 3rd or 4th week of March; however, it has been held on the same day as the state forensics tournament in the past, and the conflict has troubled coaches in the past. I definitely heard this concern within my own region’s smaller schools when Debate was held the same weekend.

    When the decision is made to hold the state tournament on a specific date, facility availability is a dominant factor and was in this case as well. In March there is an academic tournament of some type every weekend (choir, robotics, forensics, etc.), so one of the activities is impacted whenever we hold the tournament and we hear from the affected group each year.

    I apologize if this impacts your team, but every school in the state will have the same conflict. We are always hopeful that the impact is minimal, but the students may have to decide which activity holds precedence for them (and I hope they choose Knowledge Bowl).

    Thanks for the note, and we will again take the feedback to the state meeting and do our best to accommodate the schools as much as we are able each year.

    Feel free to contact your regional coordinator or me at any time.

    — Chris Cloke

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